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Maryland Wills and Estate Planning

Protect your loved ones with a Last Will and other essential estate planning documents

The first thing you should do after your divorce is finalized, is to prepare a new Last Will and other estate planning documents, such as a Power of Attorney, Living Will and Health Care Power of Attorney. If you had these documents before, it is likely that you named your spouse for important decision-making roles and your spouse is likely to have been the beneficiary of your estate under your Last Will. Obviously you need to change these documents by preparing a new set.

If you did not have these essential documents before, now would be a good time to create them, particularly if you have children and have shared or sole custody.

Last  Will and Testament is the most commonly used estate planning tool. Many people use it in conjunction with other devices, such as a trust. It is a legal document, and through it, you can accomplish many things. You can give away your belongings, name a guardian for your children, cancel any debts owed to you by another person, transfer property into an existing trust, or designate a trusted person to administer your estate (called an “Executor”). If you care about what happens with your property when you die, even if you own only a small amount of cash and few belongings, then a will can reflect your wishes after you die.

You also need a Living Will and Health Care Power of Attorney that designates someone to make decisions on your behalf in case of a life-threatening health crisis or to reflect your wishes in case of imminent death.

You will also need a new Power of Attorney which authorizes someone to make financials decisions on your behalf in case you are incapacitated or restricted from making a financial decision because of your circumstances.

We offer a set of the estate planning documents you need for a fixed fee of $199.00. You also have the option of purchasing theses documents individually. Our estate planning package comes with the legal advice you may need and detailed instructions on how to execute each document.

Last Will

For UnMarried Person
$ 99
  • Includes Legal Advice
  • Includes Execution Instructions
  • Printed on Archival Paper


For Unmarried Person
$ 149
  • Includes Legal Advice
  • Includes Execution Instructons
  • Printed on Archival Paper
  • Package includes Last Will, Living will, and Power of AttorneyList Item

Living Will

Living Will/Health Care Power of Attorney
$ 49
  • Includes Legal Advice
  • Includes Execution Instructions
  • Printed on Archival Paper