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Legal Advice by Phone at $50.00 per call – 45 Minutes


Legal Advice You Can Afford

We can help you think through your next steps on how to proceed with your Maryland divorce by giving you an assessment and evaluation of your legal situation.

Our telephone legal advice service is designed to provide answers to your questions within a 45 minute period.

Maryland Legal Advice at the speed of life.

Free Service: Our Free Introductory  Call gives you a way to obtain the professional advice you need quickly and easily.  We can’t give you complex legal advice through this free service, but many clients find it helpful as a way to get started.

For legal advice on more complex matters, you should purchase legal advice by phone call. Click Here

We can only represent one spouse. To provide legal advice to both spouses would be a conflict of interest in the State of Maryland.

Maryland Legal Advice SecurelyHow It Works

  1. Click here to choose which legal advice service you want. Note that your contact information is completely confidential and is not used for any purpose other than to provide legal advice or information to you.
  2. Legal Advice is provided by Richard S. Granat,  Esq., or another member of our firm. All firm members are licensed attorneys in the State of Maryland.
  3. We will answer your question, address your concerns, and provide guidance as appropriate.

Last Revised November 5, 2021