Maryland Divorce Law Guide

Maryland Divorce Guide

How To Do Your Own Divorce in Maryland:
What You Need to Know
Richard S. Granat, Esq.

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The Maryland Divorce Guide: an Introduction

Maryland Divorce GuideThis Maryland Divorce Guide will provide you with a basic understanding of the requirements for a Maryland divorce with guidance on how to get a Maryland divorce at the lowest possible cost. You should read this guide before requesting or using our Free Legal Advice Service as many of your questions will be answered within this guide. We have attempted to explain the major issues that you need to consider when seeking a Maryland divorce with strategies for making your divorce uncontested.

Our law practice is based on the idea that if you make your divorce an uncontested divorce you will save thousands of dollars in legal fees. These funds are better invested in moving along in the next stage in your life and in the future of your children – if you have children. Investing limited resources in legal fees makes sense only in certain situations when one of the parties needs the protection that only full legal service representation can provide.

Only a small number of cases require the full services of an attorney where you will pay by the hour.

Maryland Divorce

Maryland Alimony

Common Law Marriage

Maryland Child Support

Who Pays Child Support in a Maryland Divorce

Calculating the Amount of Child Support

Establishing Paternity in Maryland

Modification of Child Support in Maryland

Maryland Child Support Collection

Maryland Child Support and Taxes

Maryland Child Custody

Custody Arrangements in a Maryland Divorce

Custody Mediation in Maryland

Maryland Visitation Rules

Maryland Marital Separation Agreements

Divorce Glossary – Know Your Terms and Definitions

The Maryland Divorce Law Guide: Last Revised: December 28, 2018