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Everyone should have a Last Will. Don't delay.

Protect your loved ones with a Last Will and other essential estate planning documents.

Protect your loved ones with a Last Will and other essential estate planning documents

If you have just been divorced, you need to update your estate planning documents. You need a new Last will, Power of Attorney, Living will and Health Care Power of Attorney and HIPPA Consent form. We offer a cost effective estate planning package for a recently divorced person for $99.00. We recommend that all of our clients update these documents as soon as your divorce judgment is final. If you don’t have these documents you should create them as soon as you can to protect your loved ones and make sure that that your wishes are carried out if you should die.

A Last  Will and Testament is the most commonly used estate planning tool. Many people use it in conjunction with other devices, such as a trust. It is a legal document, and through it, you can accomplish many things. You can give away your belongings, name a guardian for your children, cancel any debts owed to you by another person, transfer property into an existing trust, or designate a trusted person to administer your estate (called an “Executor”). If you care about what happens with your property when you die, even if you own only a small amount of cash and few belongings, then a will can reflect your wishes after you die.

We offer Maryland-specific estate planning documents either individually or in a value bundle, with legal advice included.

Why You Should Have a Last Will

The Executor of an Estate makes sure that your beneficiaries get what they are entitled to. Your Will appoints the Executor, often called the Administrator, of your estate.
Choose who will receive property from your estate when you die. You can give away cash or property.
For parents with children under 18 years of age, a Last Will will enable you to appoint a guardian for your child. You can also establish a trust within your Will so that your children do not receive any property until they reach an age that you determine.
You can specify in your Will how your pets will be taken care of and provide for their continued well-being. You can incorporate language in your Will that will provide for your beloved pets.

Are You a Candidate for our Wills and Estate Planning Service?

If any of these circumstances apply to your individual situation, you should not use our Wills and Estate Planning Forms.

  • You want to disinherit a wife or child from your estate.
  • You own property in a foreign country.
  • You or your spouse are citizens of another country.
  • You have significant assets. If you have substantial assets there may be additional tax planning issues that must be considered.
  • You anticipate that your Will may be contested.
  • You own a business, which is your major source of income, and it is a substantial asset.

If your personal situation has certain complexities such as those listed above, your situation is more complex that this online service can support.


Estate Planning Package for One Person

Recently Divorced - Get it Now
$ 99
  • Last Will for One
  • Financial Power of Attorney
  • Living Will
  • HIPAA Authorization
  • Free revisions for a year
  • Digital download and storage

Estate Planning Package for a Married Couple

Best Value
$ 149
  • Last Will for Two
  • Two Financial POAs
  • Two Living Wills
  • Free revisions for a year
  • Digital download and storage

Customer reviews

The Will was easy to do. It only took me about 10 minutes and it was very complete. The Will included a children's trust.
Jessica R
This was the most efficient and quickest way for me to get a complete set of estate planning documents for a reasonable price that included a review by an attorney and legal advice.
Kyle H