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We can help you think through your next steps on how to proceed with your Maryland divorce or Maryland Name Change by giving you an assessment and evaluation of your legal situation online using our virtual law firm platform.

We recommend that you read or review our comprehensive Divorce Guide on Maryland Divorce before either purchasing legal advice or using this free service. If your question is answered by our Divorce Guide we will refer your question to that resource unless your question requires more customized answers.

You may be able to resolve your divorce at the lowest possible cost by making your divorce “uncontested”, or you may require full service representation if it looks like your divorce is going to lead to major conflicts between you and your spouse.

We don’t handle contested divorces but we can refer you to Maryland divorce law firms that do. We will give you our best judgment on how to proceed with your divorce so that it can be resolved quickly and at low cost if your situation qualifies for a self-help approach.

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Our Free Legal Advice on Maryland Divorce Matters gives you a way to obtain the professional advice you need quickly and easily. We can save you time and get you the answers that you need within 24 hours. This free service is limited to a single question. We can’t give you complex legal advice through this free service.

For legal advice on more complex matters you must purchase legal advice by the phone call. Click here.

We can only represent one spouse. To provide legal advice to both spouses would be a conflict of interest in the State of Maryland.

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  1. Click here to register for our Free Legal Advice by E-mail Service. Registration is necessary to create a secure account where your questions can be answered confidentially. If you don’t complete this simple registration form, we will not be able to provide legal advice to you. Your contact information is completely confidential and is not used for any purpose other than to provide legal advice to you,  but in compliance with the Rules of Professional Responsibility of the Maryland State Bar.
  2. Legal Advice is provided by Richard S. Granat,  Esq., or another member of our firm. All firm members are licensed attorneys in the State of Maryland.
  3. Use the secure, encrypted Communications link found on your MyLegalaffairs secure page to send us your questions about your legal issue/matter.
  4. We will answer your question, address your concerns and provide guidance as appropriate. All communications between you and our law firm will be archived in your secure MyLegalAffairs™ web space for future reference if needed.

Free Maryland Divorce Legal AdviceOur Free Maryland Divorce Advice Online can provide you with

  • Advice about alternative means to resolve your Maryland divorce or other family law matter, including recommending mediation and arbitration, when appropriate;
  • Advice about your legal rights;
  • Information about procedures for filing or serving documents (if applicable);
  • A referral to one or more Attorneys who can provide full-service representation if you need it.
  • Our Free Online Maryland Divorce Legal Advice by E-mail Service is limited to one “incident” which is defined as a single legal question.

Last Revised: December 24, 2018.