Maryland Uncontested Divorce

Maryland Uncontested Divorce, With or Without Children. All Forms with Legal Advice

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These packages include a Marital Separation Agreement. If you haven’t been separated for 12 months, you should just enter into a Marital Separation Agreement now, when you separate, and then purchase the Divorce Forms in 12 months.

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Maryland No-Fault or Maryland Uncontested Divorce Qualifications:

Maryland Uncontested or “no-fault” divorce is for couples who have decided to end their marriage with no allegations of fault on either spouse. The spouses agree on ALL marital issues, such as spousal support/alimony; child support, custody and visitation; and the division of property and debts.

If you want the court to grant you a complete dissolution (ending) of a marriage in Maryland, you are asking the court to grant you an absolute divorce. After a court issues a JUDGMENT OF ABSOLUTE DIVORCE, you can remarry.

 Ground for A No-Fault Divorce in Maryland

  •  Twelve Month Separation – If you and your spouse have lived apart from each other for at least 12 months without sexual intercourse with each other you may check this ground. There are some important things to remember: during the last 12 months, if you and your spouse lived together at all, or if you have had sexual intercourse with your spouse during that time, or if you spent even one night under the same roof, you cannot get an absolute divorce based on a one-year separation.
  • As of October 2011, there is only one ground for absolute divorce based upon separation. The new law combines the 12-month voluntary separation and 2-year separation grounds for divorce. The new law only requires a 12-month separation prior to filing for divorce.Separation is a no fault ground for divorce and and the only thing that needs to be proved is that husband and wife have lived separate and apart for 12 months without interruption.

The Hearing for a No-Fault Divorce in Maryland

At the hearing for Absolute Divorce, you will no longer need a corroborative witness.  While a witness is no longer required to testify at a divorce hearing in Maryland, you will still need to testify as to the circumstances of your case. Having a witness with knowledge of your case may still be useful, but is optional.  This is a person who testifies for you and supports your version of the facts. The witness gives his/her testimony based on the facts he/she saw or heard. We provide you with detailed instructions so you can represent yourself in the divorce hearing. Only one spouse has to attend the divorce hearing.

Guarantee: We offer a 100% refund if you are not satisfied.

Last updated January 26, 2018.